Congo Support Project funding appeal

Congo Support Project funding appeal


Written by: Melanie Singhji

The Congo Support Project is struggling to secure funding for its vital services.

After recent grant applications were rejected, money for the everyday running of the Project, which provides a voice for the Congolese community in Britain, has become extremely tight, and there are increasing concerns about the possibility of continuing to offer the services upon which its users heavily rely. Seeing around 150 people a month, the Project provides support and interpretation services for people facing the bewildering rules of housing, education, employment and benefit systems. For those still seeking asylum or being held in detention, the Project offers legal, emotional and moral support, and provides assistance in bail and asylum applications.

Based in London and Manchester, the Congo Support Project has been working since 2007 to raise awareness about the plight of the Democratic Republic of Congo and those that flee to Britain. By informing public opinion about the current human rights abuses, and the political, humanitarian and socio-economic situation of the country arising from political repression and persecution, the Project has been able to raise awareness of the need for asylum, and of the dangers of deporting Congolese refugees back to the DRC. The Project was integral in the campaign of 2007 that successfully forced the Home Office to temporarily suspend deportations to the country and grant leave to remain to many Congolese families.

You can support the project by contacting CSP Manchester on 0161 835 1285. Alternatively, you can email:

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