Concern about Algerians

Concern about Algerians

Written by: IRR News Team

Two men, deported to Algeria from the UK over the weekend, have failed to contact their families on their return. Concern about the men is now mounting after security services in Algeria confirmed that they had arrived, were being held in custody, but gave no other details.

The two men, known just as ‘I’ and ‘V’, who referred to themselves as hostages, had been held in prolonged detention in UK prisons as ‘suspected terrorists’ and ‘threats to national security’. They chose to drop their legal appeals against their deportation orders and ‘V’ was deported on Friday 16 June and ‘I’ deported the next day.

As the two men prepared to return last weekend they wrote the following letters to their supporters:

Letter from V

‘Let me present myself. I am ‘V’. I was in Belmarsh since January 2003 for the ricin – or for – NO ricin case and then I was acquitted and released on bail in 26 May 2005. On 15 September 2005 I was arrested again for deportation to Algeria, my country of origin. I tried to fight the deportation but with SIAC there is no way for me to win whatsoever.

I know why I am detained and I am really proud with that. Firstly, I am proud because I didn’t commit any crime. Secondly I am proud because I’m detained for the honour I was born with which is my Islam and I’ll not sell it for whatever.

I decided to go back to my country, Algeria. Things are uncertain especially regarding financial matters. I welcome any assistance for me. The Home Office still delaying me deportation and playing political games with my life. I thank you for all help and your support.

Please pass on my salaams to all my friends and their loved ones at SACC, Cageprisoners, Hhugs, Stop Political Terror and CAMPACC.’

Letter from I

‘We were prevented to call our families, friends and lawyers for many days. As you are aware, I have had enough. My objective is now to go to Algeria. We are treated so badly without proper justification whatsoever and are under atrocious conditions. The Home Office is playing politics with our lives. Although we have agreed to go back to our country since last month we are still unlawfully detained in this limbo. In fact, we consider ourselves now as hostages.

I cannot wait to join my parents. I just hope it will be soon. As soon as I get there, my wife and child will follow me. I just wonder now if life is easy there.

I would like to thank you again for your support and please thank the others – Hhugs, Yvonne Ridley (Islamic Channel – Agenda), SACC, CAMPACC, Cageprisoners, Stop Political Terror. IRR etc.

One important thing is that I may need some financial assistance before I leave this country. I would like it only when I genuinely leave the UK. Thanks for all your assistance and patience with us. May Allah guide.’

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