Citizens’ enquiry into service provision at Lunar House

Citizens’ enquiry into service provision at Lunar House

Written by: Harmit Athwal

Earlier this week, South London Citizens, an alliance of trade union branches, faith communities, schools and student groups from six south London boroughs, launched its own ‘citizens enquiry’ into service provision at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate offices at Lunar House in Croydon.

The enquiry is to take oral and written evidence and will consider recommendations for changes and improvements in service provision. South London Citizens decided to hold the enquiry after hearing concerns from member organisations.

The Commissioners overseeing the enquiry include QCs and religious leaders. Public hearings will be held in Croydon Town Hall on 5 March 2005, where staff and users of Lunar House will be invited to testify. A second hearing will take place on 30 June at the Inns of Court when the Home Secretary and government will be invited to respond.

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Download a copy of the Testimonial pro forma (pdf file, 57kb)

South London Citizens

For more information please contact South London Citizens on 07710 468 930 or 07786 806 089 or see their web site.

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One thought on “Citizens’ enquiry into service provision at Lunar House

  1. I totally agree with everything that you are doing. Over the past 3yrs I have written to the home office at lunar house, requesting an update on my husbands case. They are still investigating. He hasn’t even received his first year yet. They do not give you any information when you call and they are rude to you when all you want is for your husband to receive his stay, so that we can live as a proper family, with out worrying about him getting rejected or not. It is about time that someone investigated what they are doing down there and the way that they interegate you is unlawful. My friend had an appointment for 2pm, which the home office made for them, but when they got there they were made to wait for 3hours before they were seen. I have also seen people outside Lunar house from 8am and they were still in the cue outside when I went to lunch at 12noon.

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