Churches tackle migration issues

Churches tackle migration issues


Written by: Kevin Smith

The Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice has published Migration Principles, a booklet aimed at churches working with migrants and engaging with migration issues in order to guide their practical responses and to contribute to the national debate.

Put together by an inter-denominational study group convened by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and edited by Prof. Paul Weller of the University of Derby, the report recognises that the diversity of the UK’s church membership is the result of a continual process of migration and views itself as being rooted in the Christian tradition of welcome.

Migration Principles looks at migration in the context not only of Christian theology but also of the global economy, racism, xenophobia, trafficking and exploitation. It considers the complex issues of family reunification, the reciprocal benefits of migration and the movement of religious leaders, as well as high-profile security concerns.

At the end of the report are appendices on ‘Measures for the Churches to commend’ and ‘Actions for the Churches to take’ which suggest how churches can make appropriate responses to migrant issues. Some of the actions that are recommended include:

  • Implementing an educative process for deepened reflection and action;
  • Forming closer working relationships with a range of organisations working to support the rights and welfare of migrant workers;
  • Intensifying advocacy on behalf of migrants who may be vulnerable;
  • Offering the practical resources of the Christian community to those in need.

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