Children first and foremost

Children first and foremost


Written by: Nicky Road

A new resource on Gypsies and Travellers written by young children.

Gypsy and Traveller children living at Waterside Park in Worcester have produced their own book, A Kushtie Place to Live – don’t judge us until you know us. Their photos and captions illustrate where and how they live, what they like to do and where they go to school. What this shows is that they enjoy what all children do – playing with friends, looking after pets, visiting places and having fun. It also highlights particular things which are specific to their families – having a china collection, going to Stow Fair and buying horses, having caravans so that they can be mobile. The story ends with a list of their work aspirations – just the same as any other child.

Such a book, being shared with children, can encourage discussion about why and how we live as we do and what unites us whilst understanding cultural and lifestyle differences.

A Kushtie Place to Live – don’t judge us until you know us written by the children and young people from Waterside Park 2009-2011, has been produced with the support of the Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Team, Worcestershire County Council. It costs £25 for 10 copies (p&p included), to place an order, email:

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