Celebrating the Black radical tradition

Celebrating the Black radical tradition


Written by: IRR News Team

To mark Black History Month, the Institute of Race Relations publishes Cedric Robinson and the philosophy of Black resistance – a special issue of Race & Class dedicated to one of the world’s outstanding thinkers on the history of Black struggle.

Professor Robinson, one of the most challenging Black academics in the US, has also had a world-wide impact through his path-breaking book, Black Marxism: the making of the Black radical tradition (1973). This new publication from Race & Class on his life’s work brings together tributes, analyses of his work, reviews and interviews with him from students, colleagues and his teachers. It is a vibrant celebration of the influence of Robinson’s historical method and philosophy in creating both a committed scholarship and a progressive Black tradition within academia.

Cedric Robinson has made a unique contribution to the development of Black Studies in the US and UK through his pioneering work to expose the Eurocentrism within Left scholarship and his retrieval of the radical traditions which preceded Marxism – emphasising, too, the Black social movements rooted in North American and Caribbean traditions.

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Cedric Robinson and the philosophy of Black resistance is available from the IRR at £7. Bulk rates for Black History Month events are available on request.

The Institute of Race Relations is precluded from expressing a corporate view: any opinions expressed are therefore those of the authors.

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