Captive Audience

Captive Audience


Written by: IRR European News Team

A film on anti-Roma racism in the Czech Republic.

A short (just under five minutes) but hard-hitting video which was made by Barbora Cernusakova and Phillip Lowman for Europe Roma International (ERI) to show at a parliamentary meeting on 28 October 2013 can now be viewed online.

Captive Audience includes disturbing footage from a summer of far-Right anti-Roma mobilisations in the Czech Republic, focusing on demonstrations in Ostrava, Duchcov and Vitkov. It includes an interview with the mother of Natalka Kudrikova who was three years old in 2009 when she received 80 per cent burns in a neo-Nazi arson attack on her home. Captive Audience is a concept borrowed from Hungarian NGOs who used it in their European Court case against the far-Right paramilitaries of the Hungarian Guard. It was (successfully) argued then that the purpose of the paramilitaries’ incursions into Roma neighbourhoods was to keep the Roma in captivity – preventing them from going to work or to school, entrapping them in their homes and giving them no choice but to listen to racist provocations and threats to kill.

View Captive Audience here.


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