Call for inquiry into deaths of Russian asylum seekers

Call for inquiry into deaths of Russian asylum seekers


Written by: IRR News Team

The Glasgow-based Positive Action in Housing (PAIH) is asking people to sign a petition calling for a fatal accident inquiry (FAI) into the apparent suicides of three Russian asylum seekers in March 2010.

A year after the deaths, the group has also formally written to the Lord Advocate (in Scotland), for a second time, requesting that a FAI is held, saying, ‘We believe there should be a full investigation into the Serykh suicides and UK asylum policy for the part it played in pushing this vulnerable family to the brink. We believe that an investigation is needed to expose the most barbaric aspects of UK asylum policy, for example the constant threat of deportation and destitution throughout the asylum process.’

There has been much conjecture in the press about the Serykh family, their asylum claim and their background. However what cannot be disputed is that the family, Sergei Serykh, his wife Tatiana, and her son Stepan, apparently tied together, was found below their fifteenth floor flat in the Red Road estate in the Balornock area of Glasgow on 7 March 2010.

You can sign the petition here or download a copy of the letter to the Lord Advocate here (pdf file, 72kb).

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