Calendar of Racism and Resistance (31 August – 14 September 2022)

Calendar of Racism and Resistance (31 August – 14 September 2022)


Written by: IRR News Team


A fortnightly resource for anti-racist and social justice campaigns, highlighting key events in the UK and Europe. Find these stories and all others since 2014 on our searchable database, the Register of Racism and Resistance.


Asylum and migrant rights

31 August: EU foreign ministers agree to suspend the 2007 visa facilitation agreement with Russia but fall short of the full tourist visa ban demanded by some central and eastern European countries. (Guardian, 31 August 2022)

4 September: Refugees minister Richard Harrington, who refused to endorse the Rwanda offshoring policy, resigns. (Guardian, 4 September 2022)

8 September: In the run-up to federal elections in Austria, SOS Mitmensch launches Pass Egal Wahl (Passport No Matter), a campaign of solidarity actions with the 1.4 million resident migrants of voting age denied the right to vote. (SOS Mitmensch, 8 September 2022)

9 September: Denmark signs a bilateral cooperation statement with Rwanda exploring the establishment of a programme for the transfer of up to 1,000 ‘spontaneous ‘asylum seekers arriving in Denmark per year. (InfoMigrants, 12 September 2022)

Borders and internal controls

31 August: Rights groups condemn as contrary to international law plans announced on 25 August to fast-track the removal of Albanian nationals crossing the Channel, with Albanian police officers being deployed at British ports to help identify them. (Independent, 31 August 2022)

4 September:  Alarm Phone releases The criminalisation of people on the move, analysing the ‘war on migrants’ entailing dehumanisation, death, legitimisation of state repression, brutal violence at the EU’s borders and denial of basic human needs to people deemed ‘illegal’. (Alarm Phone, 4 September 2022) 

5 September: Inaction by Maltese and Italian coastguards costs the lives of two children on board a fishing boat stranded near the coasts, as the roughly 60 people including children on board await rescue without food, water or baby formula. (Malta Independent, 6 September 2022)

8 September:  New home secretary Suella Braverman sets the target of ‘no boats crossing the channel’ in her inaugural speech to civil servants. (Independent, 8 September 2022; Guardian, 9 September 2022) 

Reception and detention

30 August: The Netherlands approves plans to house 1,000 asylum seekers for six months in a cruise ship in Amsterdam, in an attempt to alleviate the accommodation crisis which saw 700 asylum seekers sleep outside the Ter Apel registration centre last week. (Sky News, 30 August 2022)

1 September: The Scottish government charters a second cruise ship to temporarily house 1,750 Ukrainian refugees in Glasgow, after Scotland paused its sponsorship programme due to a lack of accommodation. (The National, 1 September 2022)

8 September: Over a hundred Yazidi refugees from northern Iraq have slept on the streets for nearly two weeks, as the Serres refugee camp in northern Greece continues to refuse them entry, citing lack of capacity. (Euronews, 8 September 2022)

9 September: The Irish government says 201 asylum seekers were left without accommodation from 1 September because of ‘lack of availability’, and the situation remains ‘challenging’ as accommodation offers are resumed. (The Journal, 9 September 2022)

10 September: As asylum seekers continue to sleep outside the Netherlands’ overcrowded Ter Apel centre, an emergency regulation bans unregistered asylum seekers from entering the area. (NL Times, 10 September 2022) 


1 September: A report from Medical Justice, Who’s paying the price?  reveals that asylum seekers who are survivors of human trafficking and torture have been targeted for deportation to Rwanda, with many suffering from trauma and mental health difficulties. (Medical Justice, 1 September 2022; Independent, 1 September 2022)

6 September: The National Commission for the Prevention of Torture, Switzerland says that in 62 percent of the repatriation flights observed over six months, partial restraints, like handcuffs or belts, were used; children also witnessed parents being restrained; Covid 19 tests were forcibly administered at the airport in 17 cases. (Swissinfo, 6 September 2022)

9 September: Documents disclosed at the High Court hearing of the challenge to the government’s Rwanda policy, reveal that officials including the British high commissioner repeatedly warned against it, citing prevalent human rights abuses, persecution and torture in Rwanda. (Guardian, 9 September 2022)

Protesters holding placards outside the High Court during the judicial review hearing of the Rwanda policy
A protest outside the High Court during the Rwanda policy hearing. Credit: Steve Eason, Flickr.
Crimes of solidarity

30 August: The Greek authorities threaten Der Spiegel with legal action for its journalist Giorgos Christides’ reporting of the death of a five-year-old girl while stranded with 39 others on an islet in the Evros between Greece and Turkey. (ECRE, 2 September 2022)


1 September: The Home Office announces that descendants of the forcibly exiled Chagos Islanders are to be allowed to apply for British citizenship from November, with fees waived, following an international outcry. The Chagos Refugees Group says that the  government continues to deny them the right to return. (Guardian, 1 September 2022)

11 September: Citizenship-stripping powers introduced since 2002 have enshrined a ‘second-class citizenship’ in the UK, mainly affecting British Muslims, says the IRR in a new report. (Guardian, 11 September 2022)

12 September: Supporters of Alaa Abd El Fattah, the British-Egyptian pro-democracy activist who has spent most of the past decade in prison in Egypt and has been on hunger strike for nearly six months, say the British government is failing to use its leverage with the Egyptian authorities to secure his release. (Guardian, 12 September 2022)


As anti-migrant, anti-equalities, anti-abortion, misogynistic and anti-LGBTQI rhetoric in electoral campaigning are increasingly interlinked, we reflect this in our coverage below. 

1 September: In Poland, the ruling Law & Justice party is accused of exploiting anti-German sentiment for electoral gain after demanding World War II compensation to the tune of US$1.3 trillion. A recent speech by prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki in which he described Germans as ‘descendants of destroyers and criminals’ draws  rebuke. (Straits Times, 1 September 2022)

3 September: An estimated 70,000 people attend a Czech Republic First demonstration in Prague, organised by the far-right SPD and the parliamentary-seatless Communist party, protesting rising energy prices, calling for an end to sanctions against Russia and claiming that ‘the government pays more attention to Ukraine than its own citizens’. (Romea, 31 August 2022; Balkan Insight, 5 September 2022)

6 September: In Italy, Alessio Di Giulio, a councillor for the far-right League party in Florence, sparks outrage after filming a video of himself walking up to a Roma woman and, speaking to the camera, saying: ‘Vote for the League on 25 September and you’ll never see her again.’ (Guardian, 6 September 2022)

8 September: The MPs’ register of interests confirms that the new British prime minister’s leadership campaign received a £10k donation from Gary Mond, who resigned from his post at the Board of Jewish Deputies after social media comments about Islam, apparently posted by him, appeared to show support for US far-right anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller.  (Jewish News, 8 September 2022)

9 September: As the far-right Sweden Democrats election campaign foregrounds crime in ‘underprivileged neighbourhoods’ where ‘people from immigrant background’ don’t assimilate, one SD politician tweets a photo of a Stockholm metro train, stating ‘Welcome to the return train. You hold a one-way ticket. Next stop, Kabul!’. (ABC News, 9 September 2022)

9 September: In a speech to the Economic Forum, Jarosław Kaczyński, chair of Poland’s governing Law and Justice party, says Poles have a ‘sacred duty’ to oppose a ‘culturally alien’ EU led by a ‘neo-imperialist Germany’. (Guardian, 9 September 2022)

12 September: Although the final result of the Swedish general elections awaits the count of voters living abroad, the far-right Sweden Democrats make gains and are likely to emerge as the second-largest party of the Right. (Guardian, 12 September 2022) 


With anti-migrant, anti-equalities, anti-abortion, misogynistic and anti-LGBTQI activities increasingly interlinking, we now incorporate information on the Christian Right as well as information relating to the incel movement.

2 September: Transgender man Malte C. dies of his injuries almost a week after he was attacked when defending a group of women from homophobic slurs at a Pride parade in Münster, Germany. A 20-year-old man has been arrested. (Guardian, 2 September 2022)

2 September: The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) criticises the appointment of judge Marianthi Pagouteli as vice-president of Greece’s Supreme Court, citing her record of inaction on antisemitism and Holocaust denial. (Ekathimerini, 2 September 2022)

5 September: In Poland, the hashtag #StopTheUkrainisationOfPoland, promoted by the far-right Confederation party, is trending on social media. (Notes from Poland, 5 September 2022)

7 September: MSP Christina McKelvie calls on the police to investigate leaflets full of ‘racist poison’ being distributed to homes in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, by Patriotic Alternative. (Daily Record, 7 September 2022)

8 September: The Committee to Protect Journalists call on the French authorities to bring to justice far-right sympathisers who harassed and attacked Kawa TV reporter Toufik-de-Planoise, who is regularly targeted by far-right activists on- and offline and has filed six criminal complaints in less than six months but says ‘absolutely nothing’ happens. (Committee to Protect Journalists, 8 September 2022)


31 August: Crime & Policing: What Do We want from the Next Prime Minister, a Policy Exchange report, claims that public confidence in the police could be damaged if police show solidarity against discrimination or take part in political acts, such as taking the knee during protests or wearing a badge on their uniform. (Guardian, 31 August 2022)

2 September: In a government-commissioned inquiry into the ousting of former Met chief Cressida Dick, former Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Tom Winsor argues that the London mayor unjustly removed Dick from her post. Khan says Winsor’s report represents a larger Conservative political hit job. (Guardian, 2 September 2022)

2 September:  Chief constable Richard Lewis criticizes Liz Truss’ law and order proposals, accusing her of proposing soundbite-friendly but unrealistic plans, with her target to cut key crimes such as homicide by 20 percent an unattainable goal. (Guardian, 2 September 2022)

3 September: 70 years after the wrongful execution of British Somali Mahmood Mattan, South Wales police apologise, recognizing the role of racism in a wrongful murder conviction in which no forensic evidence was presented. (Guardian, 3 September 2022)

5 September: A Black man, later named as rapper Chris Kaba, 24, is shot dead by the police in Streatham Hill, south London following a police car chase. The IOPC launches an investigation, as the family demand a homicide investigation into his death from the outset. (Guardian, 6 September 2022; Inquest, 7 September 2022)

7 September: Police in Rennes, France, shoot dead a 22-year-old woman during an anti-drugs operation and in Nice, a man is shot dead after displaying ‘suspicious behaviour at the wheel of the vehicle’. The previous day, in Paris, a police officer shot and seriously injured a man who allegedly threatened him with a bottle. No details about the victims’ ethnicity is given. (RFI, 8 September 2022)

7 September: The European Digital Rights Network (EDRi) calls on MEPs to oppose an EU-wide facial recognition system that may in the future include the UK, contained in European Commission proposals for legislation. (Statewatch, 7 September 2022)

8 September: Prior to the inquest into the death of 14-year-old teenager Noah Donoghue, found dead in Belfast,  in June 2022, six days after going missing, a judge upholds a public interest immunity application from the Police Service of Northern Ireland which argued that disclosing redacted information would damage national security interests. (Irish Times, 8 September 2022)

9 September: The IOPC announces that following a review of evidence into the death of Chris Kaba, it has decided to open a homicide investigation into an MPS officer from the specialist firearms command who is believed to have fired the single shot that caused Chris Kaba’s death. (IOPC, 9 September 2022)

10 September: Thousands of people march in central London in memory of Chris Kaba. His family demand the suspension of the firearms officer who fired the fatal shot and that a ‘timescale that delivers justice for all’ is adhered to. (Guardian, 10 September 2022)

Protesters in central London with banners saying Justice for Chris Kaba. On the left there is a London red bus.
The Justice for Chris Kaba march in London. Credit: Steve Eason, Flickr.

10 September: As part of a plan to root out corrupt or prejudiced officers, the new Met police commissioner Mark Rowley says he will increase the number of investigators in the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards by 30 percent. (Guardian, 10 September 2022)

12 September: In an open letter to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner demanding an end to the force’s use of facial recognition technology, campaign groups allege that 87 percent of all alerts generated are misidentifications, which have led to innocent individuals being forced to defend their identities to police officers. (Express and Star, 12 September 2022)

12 September: The trial begins of West Mercia PC Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith, accused of using unreasonable force when she struck Dalian Atkinson who died in police custody in 2016. (Evening Standard, 12 September 2022)

12 September: After two London MPs sign a letter saying the failure to suspend the officer who shot dead Chris Kaba is ‘incomprehensible’, it is confirmed that the officer is now suspended. The IOPC says no gun was found in the vehicle Kaba was driving, that he did not own the car, which was flagged in the ANPR system as being linked to a firearms incident days earlier. (Guardian, 12 September 2022; Guardian, 13 September 2022)

13 September: As the Metropolitan Police Federation announces its support for a ‘brave firearms colleague’ and his family, the Telegraph alleges that firearms officers are threatening to hand in their guns over the suspension of the officer in the Chris Kaba case. (Evening Standard, 13 September 2022)


31 August: Former Sunday Times security correspondent Richard Kerbaj claims that a Canadian intelligence agent trafficked schoolgirls Shamima Begum, Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase to Syria to join ISIS; Canada failed to reveal this during an international missing person’s search; and at Canada’s request the UK covered up its role. (Independent, 31 August 2022)


8 September: Amanullah De Sondy, senior lecturer in contemporary Islam at the University of Cork, criticises Ireland’s educational sector, saying that since 2015 he has repeatedly received racist communications and death threats but practical support has been lacking. (Times Higher Education, 8 September 2022) 


5 September: A report by Alzheimers Society ambassador Dr Karan Jutlla (University of Wolverhampton) reveals the unique challenges faced by South Asians and other ethnic minorities living with dementia in the UK. (Asian Image5 September 2022)


While we cannot cover all incidents of racist abuse on sportspersons or their responses, we provide a summary of the most important incidents. For more information follow Kick it Out.

31 August: The government appoints rightwing ‘anti-woke’ commentator Zewditu Gebreyohanes, a director of the Restore Trust, as a trustee of the Victoria and Albert museum. (Guardian, 31 August 2022)

1 September: Google’s streaming platform, YouTube closes down Tollahvision – The Ayatollah channel for breaching its hate speech policies. James Owens, dubbed ‘Britain’s most racist YouTuber’, used codewords and euphemisms to bypass automated monitoring of his video content that attacked Jewish and black people. (Guardian, 1 September 2022)

5 September: In Germany, a court rules that Palestinian-Jordanian journalist Farah Maraqa, who was sacked alongside six other Arab employees of Deutsche Welle, citing the IHRA definition, for antisemitism, was wrongfully dismissed. (Al Jazeera, 5 September 2022)

6 September: Humberside Police confirm that they are investigating allegations of racist abuse by unidentified Hull City supporters against Sheffield United player Kyron Gordon at a football match in MKM Stadium on 4 September. (Hull Daily Mail, 6 September 2022)

7 September: Avon & Somerset Police appeal for witnesses following an incident at Huish Park on 3 September where a York City footballer was racially abused by offenders in the Screwfix Stand. (Leveller Live, 7 September 2022)

8 September: A European parliament Committee of Inquiry into the use of Pegasus and equivalent surveillance spyware (PEGA) hears evidence from a journalist from Solomon, which reports on migration and border issues, about his surveillance by Greek intelligence. (Solomon, press release, 8 September 2022)

10 September: Broadcaster and former England footballer Trevor Sinclair is suspended pending investigation by his employer, TalkSport radio, after tweeting ‘Racism was outlawed in England in the 60’s & its been allowed to thrive so why should black & brown mourn!! #queen’ following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. (Mirror, 10 September 2022) 

11 September: Sky News apologises after reporter Sarah-Jane Mee, broadcasting live, mistakes a march demanding justice for Chris Kaba, who was shot dead by police, for a procession of mourners marking the death of the Queen. (Guardian, 11 September 2022)


For details of court judgements on racially motivated and other hate crimes, see also POLICING | PRISONS | CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM.

2 September: Walsall magistrates give a three-month jail sentence to a 35-year-old man who is found guilty of assault and five racially aggravated public order offences after shouting racist abuse at commuters and staff at Birmingham New Street station on 25 August and spitting at an arresting officer. (Birmingham Mail, 2 September 2022)

2 September: Aberdeen Sheriff Court defers sentence on a 55-year-old man who admits to making racially aggravated abusive remarks about Celtic players during a match against Aberdeen at Pittodrie on 9 February. (BBC News, 2 September 2022)

2 September: Falkirk Sheriff Court sentences a 56-year-old man to four months in prison, to run concurrently with a custodial sentence he is currently serving, for racially abusing fellow passengers on a train between Croy and Falkirk High Station on 1 March. (Falkirk Herald, 6 September 2022)

5 September: Three men are detained in Poland after a video emerges of a group abusing people from Ukraine and Belarus in a Warsaw park, saying ‘get the f*** out of Poland’ and they ‘can’t sit here as it’s a Polish bench, there are no Ukrainian ones’. (Notes from Poland, 5 September 2022)

6 September: A 42-year-old man pleads guilty to racially abusing a man and woman in a car park in Hawick on 21 September last year. Selkirk Sheriff Court fines him a total of £350. (Peeblesshire News, 6 September 2022)

7 September: Spain’s attorney-general reports a 27 percent increase in hate crimes in 2021, with those related to racism and xenophobia comprising the most common category. (Olive Press, 7 September 2022)

7 September: Councillor Mini Kaur Mangat, the youngest person and the first woman of colour to chair Warwick District Council, declares that she has been the victim of ‘serious and sustained racial abuse’ while performing her duties. (Leamington Observer, 8 September 2022)

The calendar was compiled with the help of Graeme Atkinson, Sira Thiam, Oscar Herzog Astaburuaga, Donari Yahzid, Sophie Chauhan and Joseph Maggs. Thanks also to ECRE, the Never Again Association and Stopwatch, whose regular updates on asylum, migration, far-Right, racial violence and policing issues are an invaluable source of information. Find these stories and all others since 2014 on our searchable database, the Register of Racism and Resistance.

Featured image credit: Steve Eason,  Justice for Chris Kaba march to New Scotland Yard

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