Breivik and Eurabia

Breivik and Eurabia


Written by: Institute of Race Relations

Hours before he set out on his murderous spree, Anders Behring Breivik – the man who shot dead 68 young Socialists at a youth camp on Utoeya island after mounting a bomb attack on the centre of Oslo – placed a PDF of his 1,500 page political manifesto online.

Entitled 2083: A European Declaration of independence, Breivik’s manifesto reveals an obsession with the Crusades and the threat to Europe posed by Muslim immigrants and mainstream political leaders. Previously, on the Norwegian site, Breivik had listed one of his ideological influences as Bat Ye’or who first coined the term Eurabia.

Back in 1996, Race & Class published ‘You are now entering Eurabia’, the first ever dissection of the Eurabia conspiracy theory. Author Matt Carr warned that ‘What first began as an outlandish conspiracy theory, has since become a dangerous Islamophobic fantasy’ which is moving ‘ever closer towards mainstream respectability’. Many of the organisations and individuals cited in Breivik’s manifesto and on have condemned the mass murders and disavowed any links to him. Breivik cites various conspiracy theories as having influenced him, and it’s important to examine them. Race & Class is making Matt Carr’s ‘You are now entering Eurabia’ available as a free downloadable PDF document (see link below).

Giselle Litmann (who writes under the pseudonym Bat Ye’Or or Daughter of the Nile) argued in Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis (2005) that a secret project exists between European politicians and the Arab world for the ‘Islamisation of Europe’, the purpose of which is to destroy America and Israel, with Europe, a doomed continent on the brink of cultural extinction in the face of a relentless and coordinated campaign of domination by Muslims to transform it into an Islamic colony called Eurabia. In this colony, Europeans would be turned into the slaves of Muslims and forced into a state of ‘dhimmitude’ or subject status – in accordance with the ‘dhimmi’ or treaty enforced on the ‘Peoples of the Book’ during the Islamic caliphate.

In ‘You are now entering Eurabia’ Matt Carr points out that ‘the fear of cultural and racial extinction has a long pedigree in European history’, traceable back to the ‘racial Darwinism of the nineteenth century, and articulated by writers such as Count Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau, who argued that only races that maintained their racial purity would survive’.

Matt Carr is available for interview. Please contact the IRR.

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You can download the article ‘You are now entering Eurabia’ (for free) here (pdf file, 184kb)


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