Anti-racism journal launched in Dublin

Anti-racism journal launched in Dublin


Written by: Katrina Goldstone

The Anti Racism Network (ARN), an Irish based migrant-led grassroots initiative, has launched a new journal in Dublin.

At the launch in Trinity College on 2 May, co-founder of the ARN Public Journal Luke Bukha Kasuanga emphasised that this is a non-academic publication aiming not just to highlight the activities of campaigning groups but also to extend debates on anti-racism by including poetry, stories, photography, activist witness and practical theory. It intends to chart struggles against racism and racial discrimination in the Republic of Ireland and create a cultural space for discussion amongst activists. It will act as an archival record to go alongside the digital trace of the group’s many activities documented through social media.

The first issue of the ARN journal reflects the diversity of opinion and expression that co-editors Fiona Markey and Vanessa Stout hope to foster and encourage. Contributions are included from activists and academics on deportation; austerity and racism; non-elite education initiatives.  One of the most stirring pieces is an anonymous letter from a mother, describing the terrible impact of racism on her teenage son.

Courtesy of Stephen Boyle

‘This journal was created,’ said Luke Bukha Kasuanga, ‘because many stories were going unheard. We believe it is important to print these stories in the “raw” form we receive them, rather than taking sections to analyse. These pieces were created to show how people in Ireland are being treated on an every day basis. It is important to us that we distribute this journal to a large audience, especially to people that cannot access the internet regularly or have access to classroom discussions. It is also intended to inform those who might not be aware of discrimination that happens on a daily basis. The first rule of this journal is that there are no rules. Going forward ARN will welcome each and every way that individuals wish to communicate their message and will always limit edits and eschew peer reviews. We want to theorise our actions.’

The co-editors hope the journal will provide a meeting place for people and their ideas. The theme of the next ARN Public Journal is ‘Discrimination’ – asking why discrimination becomes an obstacle and  feelings about power structures that cause discrimination.

The ARN Public Journal is looking for many different types of submission including but not limited to: current events; short stories; personal experiences; poetry; comments and questions; essays; art (photography, painting, drawings etc). Anyone who would like to submit work, can do so by emailing by 30 September  2013.  The Journal is published twice yearly, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. An annual subscription cost €20, an individual copy €7. For any queries on submissions or subscriptions to the ARN Public Journal email:

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  1. Great to see initiatives like this happening in Dublin. There is still so much work to be done in this area. At a time when the economy creates so much frustration among people who may then look for someone to blame, its important to continue to highlight immigrant experiences

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