Action on the EU Return Directive

Action on the EU Return Directive


Written by: IRR News Team

Asylum campaigners are urging action as the European Parliament prepares to vote, on 18 June 2008, on the ‘Return Directive’.

The ‘Return Directive’, if passed, will allow EU member states to:

  • Detain non-EU migrants for up to 18 months;
  • Detain and deport migrants including vulnerable people, unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) and pregnant women;
  • Expel unaccompanied minors and other migrants to a country where they have neither family nor legal support;
  • Ban an expelled migrant from re-entering any part of the EU for up to 5 years.

Take action by:

  • Writing to key members of the European parliament (MEPs) to demand they vote against the Return Directive. See link below for model letters and email addresses.

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* Demonstrate at 12 noon on Monday 16th June outside the London office of the European Commission.

Download the Appeal from Barbed Wire Britain (word doc, 77kb)

No to the outrageous Directive!

Taking action – model letters and address

Demonstrate at 12 noon on Monday 16th June 2008

For further info on the Return Directive and the campaign against it see the No to the outrageous Directive! website. Secretary, Barbed Wire Britain:

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