Abiy’s family thank supporters

Abiy’s family thank supporters


Written by: Margaret McAdam

Abiy was returned to Ethiopia on 29 July and buried the next day by his brother and sister (Zelalem and Antenhe) with dignity in his homeland. (Read an IRR News article on Abiy Fessfha Abebe.)

The International Organization for Migration paid the full cost of the return of Abiy’s body to Ethiopia, the £2,045 received in donations is being sent to his family to cover the funeral costs and a memorial monument.

Below is a letter of thanks from Tesfaye Abebe (Abiy’s uncle) and Abera Tessema (Abiy’s brother-in-law) who came to Liverpool in shock and spent several very difficult days trying to find out what happened to Abiy.

“His cry for help was not heard. He told the truth but was brutally marked as a liar. He shared with them his discrete secrets, which they disclosed to his enemies. They persuaded him to return, knowing he would face grave consequences at home. They denied his case on compassionate grounds clearly stating that he would be deported.

Abiy saw no future for his life to continue, consequently he preferred to end it. What a paradox. He fought with all his power to live. He managed to escape the inhumane and barbarian sector but his heart ceased to beat in the so-called merciful land.

You all stood with us, comforted us and shared our loss. We would like to thank you all – the Ethiopian community and all who have helped us, for being with us till now in facilitating things and in all your endeavours to throw some light onto the cause of Abiy’s death.

Your donation will be forwarded to his immediate family, who has already asked us to convey to you their deepest gratitude for all your kindness…

Abiy is now history, but we do think of all who are in the same boat and who may eventually be facing the same fate!!!

May God bless you.”

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