The threat of globalism


Globalisation is fast becoming the buzzword to justify the new world economic order.

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Globalisation is fast becoming the buzzword to justify the new world economic order.

But what fresh dangers does globalism present for the Third World, and how can the Left reinvent itself in the information age? This special issue of Race & Class investigates:

  • Information capitalism
  • Biotechnology
  • The prison industrial complex
  • The South East Asian crisis
  • MAI
  • The rise of racism

Combining detailed analysis with conceptualisation, original debate with information, this double issue will be an essential resource for anyone fighting for justice in today’s world.

Contents List
  • JOHN BERGER Against the great defeat of the world
  • A. SIVANANDAN Globalism and the left
  • JERRY HARRIS Globalisation and the technological transformation of capitalism
  • ARUN KUNDNANI Where do you want to go today? The rise of information capital
  • JONATHAN KING AND DOREEN STABINSKY Biotechnology under globalisation: the corporate expropriation of plant, animal and microbial species
  • NEIL LAZARUS Charting globalisation
  • WILLIAM I ROBINSON Latin America and global capitalism
  • WALDEN BELLO The Asian economic implosion: causes, dynamics, prospects
  • AVERY F GORDON Globalism and the prison industrial complex: an interview with ANGELA DAVIS
  • JAMES DAVIS and CHERYL BISHOP The MAI: multilateralism from above
  • RUTH WILSON GILMORE Globalisation and US prison growth: from military Keynesianism to post-Keynesian militarism
  • LIZ FEKETE Popular racism in corporate Europe
  • SUVENDRINI PERERA The level playing field: Hansonism, globalisation, racism

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