Race & Class, October 2004


Torture: from Algiers to Abu Ghraib by Neil MacMaster

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Torture: from Algiers to Abu Ghraib by Neil MacMaster

The treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq focused world-wide media attention on the US practice of torture. Underlying such a practice was a history of counter-insurgency techniques which owed much to French warfare in Algeria.

The rise and fall of whiteness studies by Andrew Hartman

Over the last decade or so, the study of whiteness in the US has grown in both cultural and academic significance, attracting hostility from neo-conservative commentators. But there is also a critique to be had from the Left.

Paul Robeson and WEB Du Bois in London by Jan Carew

Jan Carew, Guyanese novelist, historian and political activist, who lived in London in the late 1950s, writes for the first time about his meetings here with Paul Robeson and Dr W.E.B. Du Bois.

Inspiration’s humble instrument: memories of Ed Scobie by Val Wilmer

Val Wilmer, writer, photographer and chronicler of Black music history, recalls meeting Ed Scobie, the pioneering Black historian and journalist and his impact on her career.

Britain, the slave trade and slavery, 1808-1843 by Marika Sherwood

Britain congratulated itself on having made trading in slaves illegal with the 1807 Act. While later legislation ostensibly strengthened the original Act’s provisions, there were persistent allegations, supported by evidence from the British Foreign and Anti-slavery society among others, that British companies still profited from it.

Commentary: Mapping the attainment of Black children by Saleh Mamon

The real facts that underlie what the media, educationalists and policy-makers term the underachievement of Black children are far more complex than is often realised. Addressing the widespread concern in the Black community about education demands more than simplistically blaming either individual racist teachers or Black youth culture.

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