Race & Class, April 2012


The April 2012 issue of Race & Class contains two key articles.

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The April 2012 issue of Race & Class contains two key articles.

Andrew Smith examines the way that moments of military defeat have been represented and put to use in the context of the history of modern imperialism. He argues that the representation of imperial defeat has been crucial in justifying further expansion. Saladin M. Ambar examines Malcolm X’s visit to the Oxford Union and his affirmation of the proposition that ‘Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice no virtue.’


Hemmed in: on the representation of Imperial defeat by Andrew Smith

Malcolm X at the Oxford Union by Saladin M. Ambar

Black longshoremen and the fight for equality in an ‘anti-racist’ union by Jake Alimahomed-Wilson

Neoliberal disasters and racialisation: the case of post-Katrina Latino labour by Nicole Trujillo-Pagan


Israel: promised land for Jews … as long as they’re not black? by Hanan Chehata

Decolonising the museum: Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration by Carol Ann Dixon

Review article

Imperfectly symmetrical: a discussion of Gilbert Achcar’s The Arabs and the Holocaust by Ralph M. Coury


Listening to Revolt: the selected writings of George Rawick reviewed by Jordan T. Camp

Fuel on the Fire: oil and politics in occupied Iraq reviewed by Saleh Mamon

On Being Lebanese in Australia: identity, racism and the ethnic field reviewed by Ray Jureidini

The State of Islam: culture and Cold War politics in Pakistan reviewed by Snehal Shingavi

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