Statewatching Europe

Statewatching Europe

A day conference on civil liberties, the state and the European Union.

  • Saturday 25 June 2016, 9.45-5pm
  • Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7

Includes workshops and discussions on the refugee crisis in the Med and in the EU; mass surveillance; the EU’s crisis of legitimacy and accountability; the policing of protest and criminalisation of communities; racism, xenophobia and the far right; strategies of resistance and the defence of civil liberties.

Speakers include:

  • Ann Singleton – Co-Chair, Statewatch
  • Tony Bunyan  Director, Statewatch
  • Deirdre Curtin  Professor of European Union Law, European University Institute
  • Steve Peers  Professor of Law, University of Essex
  • Emilio de Capitani – FREE Group
  • Ralf Bendrath
  • Frances Webber  Institute of Race Relations, UK
  • Stratos Georgoulas – Lesvos, Greece
  • Gus Hosein – Privacy International
  • Val Swain  Netpol, UK
  • Steve Wright  Leeds Beckett University
  • Eric Topfer  CILIP, Berlin
  • Ben Hayes
  • Amandine Bach
  • Liz Fekete  Director, Institute of Race Relations
  • Matthias Monroy – Berlin
  • Eveline Lubbers  Undercover Research Group
  • Heiner Busch  Solidarité sans frontières, Switzerland
  • Suresh Grover – The Monitoring Group
  • Deborah Coles – INQUEST
  • Dave Whyte – Liverpool John Moores University
  • Gareth Pierce  lawyer
  • Aidan White  Ethical Journalism Network
  • Eric Kempson – Hope Centre, Lesvos, Greece
  • Jean Lambert MEP – Green/EFA group
  • Stafford Scott  The Monitoring Group
  • Courtenay Griffiths QC
  • Ska Keller MEP – Green/EFA group
  • Lorenzo Trucco  ASGI, Italy
  • Caroline Intrand – Migreurop
  • Philippe Wanneson – Passeurs d’hospitalités, Calais
  • Vassilis Karydis – Acting Ombudsman of Greece
  • Staffan Dahllöf – Denmark

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