Remember and Resist: borders, solidarity & the essex 39

Remember and Resist: borders, solidarity & the essex 39

A day of talks and workshops exploring the voilence of borders and global capitalism, following the deaths of the 39 vietnamese migratns in a lorry in essex.

Panel discussions on: The Political Economies of the Border and Undoing Borders, Building Solidarity

Workshops: Anti-Raids Workshop from Haringey Anti-Raids, on having conversations about migrant solidarity  and a creative workshop with daikon* zine

  • Saturday 29 February 11am – 5pm
  • The Outside Project, Former Clerkenwell Fire station, 42-44 Rosebery Avenue, Frarringdon, EC1R 4RX

The event is free, but we welcome donations! We will be selling T-shirts and bags designed by illustrator Mina Owen. The money we make in donations and from these sales will primarily go towards paying our speakers, and any extra profit we make will go to this GoFundMe campaign for the families of the Essex 39 in Vietnam.