Policing the crisis

Policing the crisis

Defend the Right to Protest’s annual conference.

  • Sunday 15 November 2015, 11am til late,
  • School of African and Oriental Studies, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG

Workshops include:

  • Prevent and the threat to our civil liberties with Moazzam Begg, Gareth Peirce, Malia Bouattia, Patricia McManus and Hilary Aked
  • Undercover policing and the new inquiry with Imran Khan, Janet Alder, Rob Evans, Suresh Grover, Jules Carey
  • Detention prisons, border police & migrant solidarity with Antonia Bright, Reem Abu-Hayyeh, Shanice McBean, Mona Dohle
  • Whose communities? Policing the police with Gloria Morrison, Adam Elliot Cooper, Anti Raids Network
  • The Public Order Act and the criminalisaton of protest with Mike Schwarz, Rachel Harger, Christopher Hilliard
  • Deaths in custody – with Aamer Anwar, Marcia Rigg, Kedisha Burrell-Brown, Natasha Dhumma
  • From Legal Aid to the Human Rights Act with Debalena Dasgupta, Charlotte Haworth Hird, Nina Power, Rebecca Roberts

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