IRR News 9 May – 15 May 2014

IRR News 9 May – 15 May 2014

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Last month, Barnardo’s published a report reflecting on the first two years of Cedars – the ‘pre-departure accommodation’ for families set to be removed from the UK within which the organisation has safeguarding responsibility. As Frances Webber argues, Barnardo’s reflection on its involvement in Cedars ‘raises once again the problem of NGOs working to a state agenda’. We also report on a protest that took place earlier this week by the Traveller Movement, outside the offices of the Spectator.

In news from across the UK, Britain First supporters have targeted mosques in Bradford, attempting to hand out bibles to worshipers and distribute leaflets about ‘grooming’. The organisation says it has ‘blooded’ itself in ‘the most heavily Muslim town in Yorkshire’. A 12-year-old boy has been hospitalised in Glasgow following a racist assault in which he was punched and verbally abused, aggravating a pre-existing medical condition. And, in Belfast, police have said they are exploring a possible link between a spike in racial violence and loyalist paramilitary groups in the area.

Jon Burnett

Assistant Editor, IRR News

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