IRR News 9-15 November 2012

IRR News 9-15 November 2012

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This week, the IRR’s Liz Fekete, writes an open letter to Nick Lowles in response to an article on the issue of grooming in the recent issue of HOPE not Hate magazine.

We republish a letter to the Metro newspaper from the editor of the Travellers’ Times in response to a ‘crassly racist article’ and cartoon and we also have a report from Ireland on the Dublin based Anti-Racism Network.

In news from across the UK, Janet Alder has begun legal action in relation to a mix-up over the burial of her brother, Christopher, following his death in police custody in 1998. And experts at the Azelle Rodney Inquiry have criticised the police operation which saw Azelle Rodney shot six times in April 2005.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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