IRR News 8-14 March 2013

IRR News 8-14 March 2013

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This week, A. Sivanandan continues his analysis of Miliband on ‘immigration’ policy and Jon Burnett reveals the hypocrisy behind recent Women’s Day celebrations.

IRR News readers may also be interested in the launch of a new book on Eslanda Robeson being hosted by the IRR on 16 April in London (the event is free but booking is essential).

In news from across the UK, Jackie Nanyonj, who feared persecution based on her sexuality, has died in Uganda two months after allegedly sustaining injuries during her deportation from the UK.

In Stoke, Lee Shaw has admitted killing Dalbagh Singh Malhi but denied murder, saying that he acted in self-defence. The trial was told that 29-year-old Malhi was racially abused before being stabbed through the heart. And the family of Ricky Reel who was found dead in the River Thames in 1997 after being racially attacked have revealed that a new witness has come forward.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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