IRR News 8-14 August 2014

IRR News 8-14 August 2014

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This week, Matt Carr reflects on the complicity of Britain and France in the horrific situation for migrants in Calais. And the family of Jay Abatan who was murdered in a racist attack in January 1999 is calling for an inquiry into his death after learning that a serving police officer was with a group of people who attacked Jay.

We also review a new film on the history of the Southall Youth Movement, which is highly recommended and you might also be interested in a film premiere, next week, at the BFI of Migrant Media’s new film, Burn, on the death of Mark Duggan and the riots of 2011.

In other news from across the UK, Charles Pilbeam, a police sergeant has been found guilty of assaulting a mentally ill Somali refugee in Hackney in March 2013 and given a two-year suspended sentence. And the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that there is not enough evidence to charge five police officers and a solicitor following the death of Habib Ullah in High Wycombe in July 2008, while the Independent Police Complaints Commission has found a case to answer for gross misconduct against the same police officers.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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