IRR News 6 April 2012 – 12 April 2012

IRR News 6 April 2012 – 12 April 2012

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This week, Frances Webber comments on the European Court ruling on the extradition of Babar Ahmad and others and reviews a report on ‘apathetic children’ in Sweden which sheds light on a condition so far unrecognised here.

You can also download (for free) A. Sivanandan’s seminal article, ‘From resistance to rebellion: Asian and Afro-Caribbean struggles in Britain’. And keeping on the theme of black history, this weekend, on Saturday 14 April at the British Film Institute, two films will be screened, ‘A Hole and Babylon’ and ‘Mangrove Nine’. ‘A Hole in Babylon’ documents the 1975 Spaghetti House siege, which the IRR’s Jenny Bourne has written about in Race & Class: ‘Spaghetti House siege: making the rhetoric real‘.

And in other news from around the the UK, the Met police has reopened its investigation into the suspicious death of Kester David in 2010 after allegations of racism in the police investigation. A Nigerian woman is facing deportation despite serious concerns over her health and over 100 soon to be evicted asylum seeking families in Glasgow have been offered sleeping bags and told to sleep in local parks and gardens if necessary.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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