IRR News 5 April-11 April 2013

IRR News 5 April-11 April 2013

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This week, Jenny Bourne analyses Thatcher’s legacy on ‘race’ in the UK, showing how she paved the way for today’s commonsense nativism. Harmit Athwal and Paul Grant provide an update on deaths in police custody. And Frances Webber reviews a collection of essays on varieties of European racism.

Racial violence and the politics of hate’, an article from the latest issue of Race & Class, is available as a free download here. And the IRR has updated its statistics pages here.

In other news from across the UK, the EDL has backed UKIP in the forthcoming local elections, justice secretary Chris Grayling has set out plans to reduce access to legal aid for some migrants and the family of an African-Caribbean man, believed to have been burned alive in 2010, have criticised the Metropolitan police for charging a detective who exposed a catalogue of errors in the initial investigation.

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