IRR News 5-11 October 2012

IRR News 5-11 October 2012

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This week, the IRR’s Liz Fekete asks why Muslim citizens accused of supporting terrorism are not charged but extradited, while those who support terrorist violence on the far Right are left free.

The IRR’s vice-chair Frances Webber’s new book Borderline Justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights, has just been published by Pluto Press, and is available to IRR News readers for a discounted price of £14 here.

In news from across the UK, the son of an asylum-seeking woman, whose application to remain in the UK had just been granted, starved to death when his mother died from a brain infection.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Metropolitan police secretly handed evidence against recently extradited Babar Ahmad to the FBI on nine separate occasions at times when the case against him was falling through due to lack of evidence.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News


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