IRR News 5-10 January 2013

IRR News 5-10 January 2013

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This week Frances Webber reports on new measures for suspected terrorists and to get foreign offenders to leave the UK. Helen Hintjens reports on refugee protests in The Hague. And in a comment piece I ask whether charities today are working for the state.

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This week in news from across the UK, two prison officers from Holme House prison, Stockton have been suspended following allegations that a prisoner was made to kneel and pray to a cartoon figure. Capita has been getting it wrong again, this time, telling migrants who have already left the UK to leave all over again!

And finally, news you probably haven’t missed, but just in case you have, the EDL’s Stephen Lennon (aka Paul Harris) will be spending ten months in prison for using someone else’s’ passport to enter the US.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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