IRR News 4-10 October 2013

IRR News 4-10 October 2013

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Next week as part of Black History Month, on Thursday 17 October, the IRR is hosting the launch of Footprints, a book of poetry by the radical black Caribbean poet Peter Blackman. If you would like to join us, email and we will reserve you a place. We are also publicising a forthcoming public meeting on 27 November 2013, hosted by the IRR and the Mannheim Centre for the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice (LSE): ‘Hillsborough: resisting injustice, recovering truth’.

In news from across the UK, a Libyan international student in Brighton was stabbed in the face at the weekend, leaving him needing stitches. As Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll announce that they have left the EDL, the Old Bailey has heard that a Loughborough teenager accused of planning bomb and gun attacks ‘glorified’ the leader of the English Defence League. And a police investigation has been launched after two knives were found pushed into the front seat of the car of Birmingham-based anti-racist activist Maxie Hayles.

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