IRR News 4-10 May 2012

IRR News 4-10 May 2012

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This week we have a report on the death of in Holland earlier this year of Alain Hatungimana, a 36-year-old Burundian facing deportation with his two children, who apparently took his own life in a desperate attempt to prevent their removal.

We also have a very long digest of new reports and publications, collated over the last few months, which can be downloaded here (word doc, 68kb).

In news from across the UK, the father of Stephen Lawrence has criticised the CPS decision not to prosecute the Spectator for contempt of court after it published an article that jeopardised the trial of the men later convicted of murder.

Another Metropolitan police officer has been suspended for alleged racist comments and the CPS has made a U-turn and decided to charge a police officer with ABH after allegations of excessive force against a 15-year-old.

And it’s been a humiliating week for the far right after the BNP was trounced in the local elections and the EDL was outnumbered three-to-one by counter-protesters at its ‘homecoming’ march in Luton at the weekend.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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