IRR News 30 November-6 December 2012

IRR News 30 November-6 December 2012

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This week the IRR’s Liz Fekete looks at racial profiling in police forces across Europe, reporting on the work of groups involved in fighting against the misuse of stops and other operations on the basis of race and religion.

In other news from around the UK, two police officers may face disciplinary action for gross misconduct after it was alleged that they made highly offensive racist comments about a member of the public and a colleague. A man has been badly beaten with a knuckle-duster and verbally abused in Nuneaton town centre, in what police believe was a racially-motivated attack. And in Stoke, an area that the IRR has been monitoring, a white man has been cleared in court for using the ‘N-word’ after his defence argued that he used it as a term of endearment.

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Jon Burnett

Assistant Editor, IRR News

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