IRR News 30 May – 5 June 2014

IRR News 30 May – 5 June 2014

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In a week when twenty leading educationalists and Muslim leaders have questioned Ofsted’s impartiality in the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ affair, education consultant Robin Richardson analyses the factors behind its controversial recent inspections. We also publish a reflection by John Grayson on the ‘UKIP surge’ in South Yorkshire.

In news from across the UK, Bruno Dos Santos, an asylum seeker in his 20s, has been found dead in his cell at the Verne immigration removal centre in Dorset. Police have said that an investigation into the death will be conducted by the prisons Ombudsman. Two Pakistani men in northern Belfast targeted in a racist attack have left their home and are now planning to leave Northern Ireland. And a teenager accused of plotting a ‘Columbine-inspired massacre’ has walked free from court afer the collapse of his second trial. He was accused of stockpiling weapons in order to carry out an attack on his former school, a mosque, a cinema and a council office.

Finally, Christine Case’s family have asked concerned individuals to attend her funeral on Friday 6 June in London. Christine died in Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre on Saturday 30 March 2014.

Jon Burnett

Assistant editor, IRR News

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