IRR News 30 August – 5 September

IRR News 30 August – 5 September

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This week, Frances Webber argues that the government’s proposed Lobbying Bill, which was supposed to address parliamentary corruption scandals may end up gagging community groups, including anti-racists. We also reproduce her submission to a current government consultation on migrants’ access to the NHS.

In other news, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has been forced to reopen its investigation into the death of Olaseni Lewis at Bethlem Hospital following legal action by his family, with the High Court ruling that the IPCC’s original investigation was unlawful. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that they are investigating soldiers for possible links to the EDL, after campaigners claimed that extreme groups have ‘positively targeted’ the military. And a fictitious story about a white baby being punched in the face and thrown against the wall by an Asian man, posted by ‘Britains Against Left-Wing Extremists’, has been condemned by the police and investigated as a hoax.

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