IRR News 3-9 January 2014

IRR News 3-9 January 2014

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This week, Frances Webber reviews the 2013 Atlas of Migration in Europe, explaining that it is a graphic portrayal of the causes, the mechanics and the deadly effects of European migration policies. Also, Captive Audience, a short, hard-hitting video made for Europe Roma International (ERI) can now be viewed online. It includes disturbing footage from a summer of far-Right, anti-Roma mobilisations. And the latest issue of Race & Class is out, featuring a lead article on the 2013 Stockholm riots, which, according to the authors, were ignited by police violence and racism.

In news from across the UK, an inquest jury has found that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by the police in 2011. His family has stated that ‘the struggle will go on peacefully. But we will not give peace to the authorities until we get justice.’ A report by children’s charity ChildLine has warned that in 2013 there was a significant rise in children contacting them for help following incidents of racist bullying. And the BNP’s Nick Griffin has been declared bankrupt.

Finally, the IRR’s 2013 annual report can be viewed here.

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