IRR News 29 January – 11 February 2016

IRR News 29 January – 11 February 2016

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At the beginning of February, the government announced an inquiry to be carried out by Tottenham MP David Lammy to ‘investigate evidence of possible bias against black defendants and other ethnic minorities’. A good place to start would be the application of ‘joint enterprise’. This week, we reproduce an article (originally published on the Justice Gap) by Gloria Morrison, of the Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association Campaign (JENGbA), which highlights a new report exposing the massive inequities in its application. The authors of the report, published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, will reflect further for IRR News on their findings in a future bulletin.

On 23 February, the IRR will be hosting a meeting to launch a Race & Class special issue: ‘Reparative histories: radical narratives of “race” and resistance’. And we have also published an edited excerpt of the introduction to the issue.

Finally, our regular calendar of racism, resistance and social justice, highlighting key events in the UK and Europe, can be viewed here.

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