IRR News 27 May – 9 June 2016

IRR News 27 May – 9 June 2016

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In a week when the world pays homage to a great man (indeed ‘the greatest’) who, undoubtedly, and on so many levels, ‘shook up the world’, we, in our smaller world, were also shaken by the passing of scholar and activist, teacher and exemplar, Professor Cedric Robinson. To mark the passing of Muhammad Ali, we reproduce the eulogy written by A. Sivanandan in 1971 which sums up what Ali already represented to black people over forty years ago. To mark the passing of Cedric, we publish a short tribute of what he meant to IRR’s Collective.

We invite people to share their thoughts about Cedric Robinson by adding to the Cedric Robinson tribute pages on the R&C blog.

Activist and poet Sam Berkson examines grassroots resistance to the social and political crisis in Hungary.

Our regular calendar of racism, resistance and social justice, highlighting key events in the UK and Europe, can be viewed here.

And finally, after the popularity of our recent ‘book giveaway’, we are having a second event giving away surplus copies of Race & Class and CARF. The event will be next Thursday 16 June, from 2-7pm.

IRR News team

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