IRR News 25 March – 7 April 2016

IRR News 25 March – 7 April 2016

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This week on IRR News, the continued attack on democratic accountability in the UK is examined. Frances Webber expands on her recent London Review of Books article to provide a panoramic perspective on the ‘inversion’ of accountability. ‘While seeking to loosen, dilute or remove mechanisms of redress for violations’, she argues, the government ‘is demanding more and more accountability from citizens – not just in terms of our own actions being policed more intensively, but also forcing us to become involved in the policing and monitoring of others’. Aisha Maniar, meanwhile, explores how the lack of trained interpreters inside immigration removal centres exacerbates fear, mistrust and depression and has contributed to a number of deaths.

We were very sorry to learn of the death of the publisher Gary Pulsifer, a true friend of the IRR and Race & Class over the years. Read A. Sivanandan’s appreciation here.

The latest issue of Race & Class is now available, featuring articles examining the roots of paramilitary and structural violence in Jamaica and Hungary, as well as the way neoliberalism and globalisation have changed the urban face of Lagos and Detroit.

And we would also like to remind you that on 14 April, we are giving away past copies of Race & ClassRace, CARF, IRR books (1958-1974) and various miscellaneous magazines, leaflets and posters. Materials can be picked up from the IRR’s office between 2 and 7pm, although libraries and archives that might need more time to view materials are invited to contact us and make an advance visit if necessary. Details are here, and although the materials are free, donations will be gratefully received.

Finally, our regular calendar of racism, resistance and social justice, highlighting key events in the UK and Europe, can be viewed here.

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