IRR News 22-28 August 2014

IRR News 22-28 August 2014

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Dear IRR News subscriber

We just wanted to let you know that there are going to be a few small changes to the format of the IRR News email bulletin in the coming weeks.

At a time of austerity and increasing polarisation in society, we want to ensure that the analysis within IRR News on issues of state, institutional and popular racism, is as direct and accessible as possible.

As from 4 September, we will be sending our email bulletin every two weeks. In this we will draw your attention to all the news and comment pieces that have appeared on our website over that fortnight, but also discuss the significance of our stories in terms of policy, popular culture and grassroots action against racism and for social justice.

We’re also going to change the format of ‘external news’. Instead of listing all the most relevant news stories that have appeared in the media over that fortnight, we will provide you with a simple calendar highlighting key stories relating to racism and anti racist activism.

This week we pay tribute to Helen Bamber, a stalwart fighter for human rights, who recently passed away. And in news from across the UK, the mother of Ricky Reel has spoken out following the revelations police were spying on her family following the murder of her son in 1997.

IRR News Team

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