IRR News 21 – 27 February 2014

IRR News 21 – 27 February 2014

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In a week when the Migration Advisory Committee has put forward proposals to auction off British visas to the highest bidders, Frances Webber asks whether the UK is turning into an offshore enclave for the world’s wealthiest, at the expense of the most vulnerable?

The latest Race & Class radio broadcast is available to download, featuring Chris Searle discussing revolutionary poet Peter Blackman. And Michael Higgs reviews Malcolm X at Oxford University, a book looking at Malcolm X’s visit to Britain and one of his final public appearances before he was murdered in 1965.

In news from across the UK, two Albanian men who were being deported from Britain to Holland are feared dead after they reportedly jumped from a ferry a mile from the south-east coast. A former police officer known as ‘E7’ has had an attempt to judicially review the finding that he unlawfully killed Azelle Rodney in 2005 rejected. And it has been revealed that the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) has agreed to an information-sharing protocol with the Home Office’s immigration enforcement unit, by which the GHA will flag up suspicions about the immigration status of housing applicants.

Jon Burnett

Assistant Editor, IRR News


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