IRR News 2-8 November 2012

IRR News 2-8 November 2012

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This week, the IRR’s Ryan Erfani-Ghettani examines the recent success of anti-Gypsy and Traveller site action groups. I’ve written two articles, one on the death of Prince Kwabena Fosu at Harmondsworth removal centre last week and another on police officer ‘E7’ who gave evidence to the Azelle Rodney Inquiry this week.

In other news from around the UK, on Open Democracy John Grayson examines several racist attacks against asylum seekers living in housing provided by private security company G4S. And an asylum seeker who was forced to undergo female genital mutilation in the Gambia is fighting deportation, fearing that her young daughter would be forced to suffer the same on return.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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