IRR News 19-24 April 2013

IRR News 19-24 April 2013

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In a week in which we remember the deaths of both Stephen Lawrence (1993) and Blair Peach (1979), a review of the national press reveals that the issues of police racism and the danger of the far Right need still to be high on our agenda.

We also draw your attention to the launch of an inquiry by the National Coalition for Independent Action, which is looking for people who are working in the voluntary sector and faced with dilemmas around privatisation and contracting.

In other news from around the UK, an asylum seeker living in Weymouth has attempted to take her own life after the UKBA threatened to deport her. And UKIP has not condemned its candidate for Rotherham, who has claimed that there are ‘too many Muslims in Britain’, and is reported to have previously worked alongside the BNP’s local organiser.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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