IRR News (16 – 29 September 2016)

IRR News (16 – 29 September 2016)

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This week on IRR News, two articles examine aspects of Theresa May’s policies and ideas, from policing and grammar schools to immigration and asylum. Liz Fekete analyses May’s ‘one-nation’ declarations, the concerns she has expressed over BAME over-representation in stop and search and criminal statistics and her Inequality Audit – all of which appear to signal a commitment to racial equality – in the context of her divisive and punitive policies on education, immigration and asylum. Frances Webber speculates on post-referendum migration and asylum policies in the light of May’s record as a home secretary opposed to universal human rights and ruthless in her pursuit of reducing migration. Both authors conclude that there is much to fear from a government led by May, whose role as architect of the ‘hostile environment’ shows she will prioritise enforcement and exclusion over integration and entrench divisions between native and non-native, settled and migrant populations. Our regular calendar of racism and resistance, published here, is a fortnightly resource for anti-racist and social justice campaigns.

Volunteer possibilities at the Institute of Race Relations

The IRR is looking for several volunteers to assist its work during 2016/17.  If you are interested in applying as a volunteer please read here. In addition to working on IRR News and helping on our ad hoc research projects, we are looking for volunteers to assist on other areas of our work as a small anti-racist educational charity:  eg on the website, editing, social media, databases, clerical support, archiving. This is a chance to gain all-round work experience. We do not require a particular academic background from volunteers but welcome those with a commitment to social justice. We also ask that you can commit at least one day each week for a minimum of 3 months. Apply by email with a covering letter and your CV to  by 13 October 2016.

Finally, the IRR would like to alert you to a forthcoming national protest outside Sheffield Crown Court. This will be the first in a number of events organised by The Monitoring Group and the Rotherham 12 defence campaign. It will coincide with the prosecution of 12 Rotherham men who were arrested in September 2015, as the community mobilised to remember 81-year-old Mushin Ahmed, killed on his way to mosque, and to protest against yet another far-right demonstration through the heart of an Asian community. The trial is anticipated to open on 6 October, but this may well change. For more information please contact Suresh Grover at the Monitoring Group (Tel No 020 7582 7438).

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