IRR News 15-21 November 2013

IRR News 15-21 November 2013

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As anti extremism frameworks become increasingly influential in policy and academic circles, Liz Fekete exposes how these are masking the multi-dimensional and pan-European nature of contemporary fascism and the role of the state. Also, an activist comments on the implications of recent arrests of anti-fascists at demonstrations opposing the English Defence League and the British National Party.

Frances Webber discusses Theresa May’s threat to make British citizens stateless, and we also publish a review of Pushed back, a new report by ProAsyl exposing the systematic abuses and human rights violations of the Greek border control regime.

In news from across the UK, the High Court has stated that Ifa Muaza, who is nearing death following an 85-day hunger strike, must stay in detention: a ruling that lawyers describe as a death sentence. Students in several universities have been criticised for blacking up at numerous events. And the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan has heard that the IPCC did not ask a forensics expert to consider the possibility that a gun that was later found could have been planted by the police.

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