IRR News 15-21 August 2014

IRR News 15-21 August 2014

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This weekend, a group of stowaways were found at Tilbury Docks desperately trying to escape a container they had been sealed into. By the time it was opened, one of the migrants, 40-year-old Meet Singh Kapoor, was already dead. As we show, such deaths are by no means uncommon in the UK, and they rarely make headlines aside from when they occur in ‘dramatic’ circumstances. We also highlight a new report on enforced poverty amongst asylum seekers and refugees, which draws attention to the extent to which people are forced to live in deprivation and isolation and powerfully counteracts the misinformation that is promoted by those hostile to the view that the UK should continue to honour its UN obligations.

And in other news, a London police officer has been given a suspended sentence after being found guilty on ‘utterly overwhelming’ evidence of common assault after he throttled a man he had accused of kissing his teeth.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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