IRR News 14 – 20 February 2014

IRR News 14 – 20 February 2014

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This week, a translator and human rights activist analyses the ongoing issues thrown up by the privatisation of court interpreting services by the Ministry of Justice. We also show how a small far-right campaign against a Muslim Legoland fun-day has been mainstreamed by the Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn.

In news from across the UK, a document circulated among senior police and security chiefs in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been uncovered which suggests that individuals who are deported from the UK may face ‘torture with discretion’ upon return. The Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner is facing an IPCC investigation over the disclosure of ‘confidential information’ in relation to the death of Leon Briggs in 2013. And five men have been convicted of various offences after an attack on staff at a Cambridge restaurant last year. The group chanted ‘EDL’ and threw glass bottles and bins during the attack.

Jon Burnett

Assistant Editor, IRR News


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