IRR News 12-21 December 2012

IRR News 12-21 December 2012

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This week we publish an interview with the IRR’s A. Sivanandan on Ed Miliband’s recent speech.

Liz Fekete assesses the recent deaths of asylum seekers across Europe and the resistance springing up in response, and Frances Webber reviews two recent reports that detail the impact of indefinite immigration detention.

And in news from across the UK, regular contributor to IRR News John Grayson has a piece on Open Democracy about a vulnerable asylum seeker in Leeds housed in substandard accommodation by G4S and its subcontractor. While the Home Office has renewed attempts to deport Roseline Akhalu, an asylum seeker in Leeds who would face certain death in Nigeria without access to medication.

The mother of Azelle Rodney has demanded an overhaul to firearms operations involving ‘trigger happy’ police officers as the Inquiry into his death heard final submissions from lawyers.

And finally Dale Farm Travellers are once again facing eviction as Basildon Council voted to remove families who had returned to the road outside the site.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

P.S We will now be back in the the new year.

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