IRR News 12-18 October 2012

IRR News 12-18 October 2012

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This week, the IRR’s Frances Webber reflects on a life in the law on the eve of the launch of her book, Borderline Justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights.

We report on a demonstration that took place last week which saw activists from a wide range of campaigns come together to protest against the activities of G4S, whose guards were involved in the death of Jimmy Mubenga in 2010. Meanwhile, Jon Burnett describes how campaigners in Glasgow are fighting to prevent the eviction of asylum seekers by their landlord Ypeople.

Black History Month continues this October, with a range of events throughout the UK. We also highlight the upcoming fourteenth annual gathering of the UFFC, of the families and friends of those who have died in custody, which will march to Downing Street.

In other news from around the UK, Ianos Dragutan, a migrant detained at Oxford’s Campsfield House, hanged himself last August just weeks after a prison inspector warned that ‘insufficient progress’ had been made in risk assessments. Meanwhile, the high court has ruled that the lawyers for the family of Azelle Rodney may see surveillance footage despite the Met arguing that it was not in the public interest.

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