IRR News 12-18 July 2013

IRR News 12-18 July 2013

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This week, we have a report on an event taking place on Friday 19 July where family campaigns will gather to mark the seventh anniversary of the detention of Talha Ahsan. And we reproduce an article from the Edge Fund that provides ‘radical funding for radical change’.

And in news from across the UK, an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation has found that the Metropolitan police are failing to effectively handle complaints against officers who face allegations of racism. And another IPCC investigation has been delayed as a result of allegations that a Police Federation representative had an ‘inappropriate’ conversation with a restraint specialist in the case of Habib Ullah.

A Home Affairs Committee report has found that asylum-seeking children are still being detained and that the number being detained is actually rising. And David Wood, the UK Border Agency head of enforcement, has appeared before the same committee this week and given a ‘qualified apology’ to the family of Jimmy Mubenga over his death at the hands of three G4S guards in October 2010.

And finally, the case against Barbara Muldoon, an anti-racist, who organised a demonstration against the BNP in Belfast has been thrown out of court.

Harmit Athwal

Editor, IRR News

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