IRR News 10-16 May 2013

IRR News 10-16 May 2013

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This week we carry a feature looking at the death of asylum seekers in EU countries. Failings in EU asylum processes are leaving asylum seekers from the Russian Federation vulnerable to the repressive reach of the Russian state.

In news from the UK, the police have raided the home of a mother and son who brought a successful racial harassment claim against the Metropolitan police, seizing case files just before an appeal launched by the Met.

An inquest has heard that the G4S guard in charge of restraining Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan asylum seeker who died during a deportation flight, exchanged a string of racist jokes with friends, some of whom were fellow G4S employees.

And for those who haven’t yet read it, IRR News is giving away a free download from the latest issue of the IRR’s journal Race & Class. ‘Britain: racial violence and the politics of hate’ examines the changing geography of racial violence in the UK, and sets this in the context of the socially destructive impact of neoliberalism and government policy.

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