IRR News 10-16 January 2014

IRR News 10-16 January 2014

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Following last week’s verdict that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by the police, we reproduce a statement from Relatives for Justice in solidarity with his family. Filmmaker Ken Fero examines the role of the media in documenting political struggle. Jon Burnett argues that there can be no trust in the police if they are not genuinely accountable to the communities they serve. And, as Betsy Barkas explains, serious concerns have been raised about the conduct of counter-terrorism officers after the CPS dropped the remaining charges against the subject of a ‘hard stop’ operation in Woolwich last June.

In news from across the UK, figures have been released showing that people from BME backgrounds account for more than half of those strip-searched by the Metropolitan Police. A government study has made clear that less than a fifth of allegations of racially or religiously motivated crime are investigated by police. And it has been revealed that Home Office staff are being rewarded with cash incentives and gift vouchers for helping to ensure refused asylum seekers lose appeals against decisions to remove them from the UK.

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