IRR News 1-7 November 2013

IRR News 1-7 November 2013

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This week we report on ‘Roma Voices’, a parliamentary meeting on 28 October, where Roma community groups spoke of their experience of flight from the Czech Republic and settlement in the UK. We review a new report which provides hard data on the size of the new settled Roma migrant communities in the UK. And after a ten-year campaign, the family of Mikey Powell have won a victory in their fight to expose the truth about the role of West Midlands police in Mikey’s death.

Later this month, on Wednesday 27 November, the IRR will be hosting a public meeting, ‘Hillsborough: resisting injustice, recovering truth’. Places are still available; to reserve a seat email

In other news from around the UK, the family of Bijan Ebrahimi, who was killed in Bristol after being set on fire by his neighbours, have criticised police for failing to protect him. He had in the past received repeated racist and disablist harassment. Police are treating a fire as suspected arson following reports of people shouting racist abuse on a residential street in Brierfield. And a member of the BNP has been sentenced to life with a minimum of 15 years after killing his partner and daughter, with newspapers reporting that he spared the life of one of his children on the grounds that she was a ‘pure Aryan’.

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